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makeup artist

This program prepares individuals to professionally apply cosmetic makeup preparations and perform complete and specialized appearance makeovers including hairdressing, wig work, masking, temporary prosthesis applications, cosmetic applications, and related costuming for leisure or for professional stage, camera, clinical, or security purposes.

  • 720 horas contacto
  • 180 horas "Course Prep"
  • 31 créditos/30 semanas
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Includes instruction in period and contemporary hairstyling and costuming; wig work and hairpiece application; synthetic hair and masks; cosmetic preparations and treatments; makeup artistry; attachment, removal, and camouflaging of prostheses; health and safety; client consultation and care; pre- and post-production operations; set and crew conduct and relations; script, instruction, and prescription interpretation; labor relations; and business practices.

currículo del curso

Introduction to makeup artistry
Principles and practices of infection control
Facial anatomy and physiology
Color theory and tools of the trade
Everyday applications
Makeup for teens
Canvas and facial features
Hairstyling for special occasions
Makeup for aging skin
Airbrush Makeup
Camouflage makeup
Makeup for men
Classic lashes by Bella Lash®
Basic body painting
Permanent makeup and advanced makeup techniques
World of high fashion in hd and special events
Client consultation and business in makeup

Al finalizar el curso exitosamente, el estudiante recibirá un Diploma. Este programa se ofrece en ambos recintos.


Los meses para hacer matrícula en nuestro instituto son los siguientes:
Agosto • Noviembre • Enero • Abril • Junio

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Lunes a Jueves de 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m y Lunes a Jueves de 4:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

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